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Re: where have all the etc.[Pharris]

On 7/7/05, Jaime A. Headden wrote:
> Paul Sereno spends his
> time being more magnanimous in his selections of groups, so must focus on one
> or two at a time, yet his 1999 analysis, built on the published 1998 matrix,
> had over 1000 characters total (many overlaps due to separate matrices). 

It'd be great if Sereno (or another researcher) at some point might
consider running all of Sereno's box analyses in a single huge
analysis of Dinosauria.  Perhaps first using only Sereno's original
work, then after much time and correction, re-run the analysis with
amended characters and codings. I think it'd be an interesting project
to say the least, perhaps the results would greatly change when neat
little boxes are made use of. ;]

Nick Gardner