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Re: Jane The juvy T. rex

On Sat, 09 Jul 2005 12:10:17 -0400 (EDT) Danvarner@aol.com writes:

> All I had seen were  drawings and one photo of the skull.

The only photo I have seen so far was an OBLIQUE frontal view of the
skull (grrrrr....).  It's a pretty photo, but its pretty useless from an
educational point of view.  Doesn't the Burpee photographer know how to
take dorsal shots and lateral shots?! (harummph......)

> I see 
> their website
> has photos of the  entire mount up now:
> http://www.visitjane.com/wheresjane.cfm?section=wheresjane

I'll have to check it out.  Maybe if we're lucky, the photographer got
the views correct this time.

Are there any extant closeup photos anywhere on the Net of individual
post cranial elements?  What is the element count (% recovered material)?
 Any chance that we could infiltrate a bootlegger in with a camera?  ;-)