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Jane the Juvy T.rex

--I'll have to check it out.  Maybe if we're lucky, the photographer got
the views correct this time.

Are there any extant closeup photos anywhere on the Net of individual
post cranial elements?  What is the element count (% recovered
 Any chance that we could infiltrate a bootlegger in with a camera?  ;-)


Greetings, I can tell you that Jane is a little over 50% (145 bones)
complete by bone count.  We have the complete pelvis, sacrum, the
majority of the legs and feet, right scapulocoracoid and humerus, 20
caudal vertebra, 4 dorsal vertebra, 7 cervical vertebra, 17 chevrons,
several thoracic and cervical ribs, gastralia, and the majority of the
disarticulated skull.  I hope this helps.

Scott Williams
Collections Manager
Burpee Museum of Natural History