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Segnosaur request

I'm sorry to bother the list of this, but if anyone has scans or
anything of the following:

I need plate II from 
Zhang, Xu, Sereno, Kuang and Tan 2001. A long-necked therizinosauroid
dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Iren Dabasu Formation of Nei
Mongol, People's Republic of China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 89(4):

And I'd appreciate if I could get plates and figures of
Nanshiungosaurus brevispinus and "Chilantaisaurus" zheziangensis from
Dong 1979. Cretaceous Dinosaurs of Huanan (South China).
Mesozoic-Cenozoic Redbeds of Huanan, Beijing: Science Press 342-350.

And the figures and plates if there are any of "Nanshiungosaurus" bohlini from
Dong 1997. A new segnosaur from Mazongshan Area, Gansu Province,
China. Sino-Japanese Silk Road dinosaur expedition, Beijing: Ocean
Press, 90-95.

And does anyone have a copy of this paper
Perle 1979. Segnosauridae-a new family of theropods from the Late
Cretaceous of Mongolia. Trans Joint Soviet-Mong Palaeontol Exp 8:

Thanks and sorry to trouble people, but the local campus library
doesn't carry these, and when I went to the USGS library a year ago or
so, I'm pretty sure they didn't have it either.

Nick Gardner