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RE: Nemegtia barsboldi

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> Hi All -
>     Apparently, the _Apatosaurus_ monograph wasn't the only dinosaur thing
> to come out of Japan late last year:
> Lü, J., Tomida, Y., Azuma, Y., Dong, Z., and Lee, Y.-N. 2004. New
> oviraptorid dinosaur (Dinosauria: Oviraptorosauria) from the Nemegt
> Formation of southwestern Mongolia. Bulletin of the National Science Museum
> of Tokyo Series C (Geology & Paleontology) 30:95-130.
> _Nemegtia barsboldi_ gen. et sp. nov. here described is a new oviraptorid
> dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous (mid-Maastrichtian) Nemegt Formation of
> southwestern Mongolia. It differs from other oviraptorids in the skull
> having a well-developed crest, the anterior margin of which is nearly
> vertical, and the dorsal margin of the skull and the anterior margin of the
> crest form nearly 90°; the nasal process of the premaxilla being less
> exposed on the dorsal surface of the skull than those in other known
> oviraptorids; the length of the frontal being approximately one fourth that
> of the parietal along the midline of the skull. Phylogenetic analysis shows
> that _Nemegtia barsboldi_ is more closely related to _Citipati osmolskae_
> than to any other oviraptorosaurs.
I believe this is the specimen that inspired "Ronaldoraptor" on p. 134 of Gee & 
Rey's _A Field Guide to Dinosaurs_

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