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Re: Nemegtia barsboldi

Hey Tim et al -

 I agree with that age assessment. Is it based on new
research? Btw, what locality is Nemegtia from? The
type locality?

The paper says: "Type locality and horizon: The Nemegt locality of Gradzinski et al. (1968), Nemegt Basin, southern Gobi Desert, Mongolia; Nemegt Formation, mid-Maastrichtian (Jerzykiewicz and Russell, 1991) of the Upper Cretaceous."


Gradzinski, R., Kazmierczak, J., and Lefeld, J. 1968. Geographical and geological data from the Polish-Mongolian Palaeontological Expeditions. Palaeontologia Polonica 19: 33-92.

Jerzykiewicz, T. and Russell, D.A. 1991. Late Mesozoic stratigraphy and vertebrates of the Gobi Basin. Cretaceous Research 12: 345-377.

Gradzinski et al. discuss several localities at Nemegt, most of which were (I think) first studied by Russian workers in the '50's. So the specimen is probably from the type area, but I don't know exactly where the type Nemegt section is, or where the _Nemegtia_ specimen is from with respect to that section. Sorry!

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