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funds for the study of Antonio

I just called my bank this morning. I had deposited all the "Antonio" research donated funds on the 28th of June. Today is the 12th of July, 2 weeks and one day later and I am still waiting for the 100 pound check from England to clear the federal reserve. The bank is now "checking" on it. I will continue to hold these funds until the total amount is available so I don't have to send a separate fund transfer later. I know that Fabio wanted to start research this week but I think he has some of the funds from the Palpal transfers to facilitate this. We are still a ways out from getting him his grant from the DML. I will keep you all informed of the progress of this.
Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming

P.S. Lots of Cretaceous mammal material coming out of the Hell Creek this month. I just got (yesterday) another 30 teeth out of an ant hill ontop of a really nifty new site. Hell Creek is a lot of fun except in July where a nice cool 95 today is going to turn into 104 tomorrow.