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Stokesosaurus (was RE: Thoughts on Tanycolagreus)

Ken Carpenter wrote:

Nothing was said in our paper about the referred caudals of
Stokesosaurus. All of the material of Tany was found together (as the
quarry map shows), thus there is no doubt of their association.

Alas, this doesn't apply to _Stokesosaurus_. The "referred caudals" of _Stokesosaurus_ might belong to another similar-sized theropod. The only element we know for sure that belongs to _Stokesosaurus_ is the holotype ilium, which shows some tyrannosaur features (as noted by Madsen, 30 years ago). The braincase is more plausibly referred to _Stokesosaurus_, given that the braincase shows good tyrannosaur characters.

An ilium similar to that of _Stokesosaurus_ is known from the Morrison Formation of South Dakota (this specimen is now lost, I believe). This bone is smaller than the _Stokesosaurus_ holotype, and actually more closely resembles the ilium of _Aviatyrannis_. Thus two tyrannosauroids may be known from the Morrison Formation: _Stokesosaurus_, and maybe a North American _Aviatyrannis_.