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Dinosaur Expo 2005: The Evolution of Dinosaurs from Their Origin to Birds moves to Nagoya


Back in March (http://dml.cmnh.org/2005Mar/msg00352.html) I talked about an 
exhibition of theropod fossils that were displayed in
Tokyo. That exhibition is now moving to Nagoya, currently home of the world's 
fair (Expo 2005 Aichi).  The dinosaur exhibit is at
the Sasashima Expo Satellite Site in downtown Nagoya, rather than at the actual 
Expo site.  (Apparently the dinosaur exhibit shares
a building with an "Art of Star Wars" exhibit!).
See http://www.delafantasia.jp/english/guide.html and scroll down a bit.

I'll be there this Friday for the Opening Ceremonies, and I, Zhonge Zhou, and 
Makoto Manabe will be giving talks on Saturday at the
Asahi Building in Nagoya.

After September, the exhibit packs up again, and moves to Osaka (I think).

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