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Re: JVP 25(2): New Dinos, Birds, Discoveries

'all swan genera'? Are there any others other than _Cygnus_, this new genus
(which sounds to be doubtfully distinct from _Cygnus_), and _Coscoroba_? Is
_Coscoroba_ even currently regarded as the sister taxon to _Cygnus_? Sounds
like a bit of an over-classification to me.

    Micro-rant complete,

        Christopher Taylor

On 13/7/05 2:17 pm, "Jaime A. Headden" <qilongia@yahoo.com> wrote:

The humerus is complete and appears to represent
> a distinct cygnin (member of "subtribe" Cygnina, "tribe" Cygnini, "subfamily"
> Anserinae, which includes only *Cygnus* of all swan genera). The authors
> speculate that the taxon may be either a sister taxon to *Cygnus*, or within a
> paraphyletic association of *Cygnus* subgenera (*Chenopis*, *Cygnus* and
> *Olor*).