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Re: Killer Pterosaurs?

So like a pterosaur west nile or avian flu? Sounds unprovable but still fun to think about.

From: K and T Dykes <ktdykes@arcor.de>
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Subject: Re: Killer Pterosaurs?
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 09:10:38 +0200

<<Just thinking about the highly toxic environments of certain bat-infested
caves. The floors are covered with guano and a wide variety of decaying
matter--a really hostile environment. (See David Attenborough's "The Life Of
Mammals") I wonder if there might be some similar environment created by
Pterosaurs in which to breed a certain kind of disease--something having to
do with waste build-up in an area?>>

I'd have thought comparing pterosaurs with birds rather than bats would be
more appropriate, Neal. Besides, David Attenborough seemed to enjoy himself
in that cave and looked healthy enough.