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Re: Killer Pterosaurs?


But are you thinking that ptero-flu could decimate all kinds of
dinosaurs? Or just locally bring a hard time to some species?

If you intend to use that scenario for the K/T mass extinction, well,
we have to account for the marine fauna extinction too. And we have to
attempt to the fact that most disease that affect us do not affect our
most close extant evolutionary relatives: the chimps (for example,
they do not got sick with HIV) - though some diseases affect distant
related organisms such as rabies (but there always be some individuals
or species that are immune to the disease aetiological agent).


Roberto Takata

2005/7/13, Neal Romanek <nromanek@earthlink.net>:
> I wonder if there might be some
> similar environment created by Pterosaurs in which to breed 
> a certain kind of disease--something having to do with waste 
> build-up in an area?
> I'm just riffin' here.