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Re: Killer pterosaurs, scifi angle --- further adrift.....

perhaps Adric had a cold? - or maybe it was cyber-flu

Christian Darkin

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Actually, that idea has been floated before - almost seriously! (Not really:)

At SVP 1986 dinner, someone held up a Weekly World News (*) that had the feature story: "Martian Game Hunters killed off the Dinosaurs!"

Basically, the story is that the Martians (who had spaceships that used Iridium drives), came to earth to collect dinosaur big game. For the most part, they collected the heads (for stuffing back on Mars???), using their Iridium rayguns. Thus explaining why so many dinosaurs are "headless wonders".

As is usual, the Martians got greedy, and overloaded their gigantic spacecraft, which crashed and blew up, covering the earth with a thick layer of Iridium dust. This killed all the rest of the dinosaurs. Those animals that survived were lucky (i.e. birds, mammals, current reptilians, fish, etc.) - or Iridium dust didn't bother them.

This, of course, doesn't explain why no other Martians arrived afterwards - or since. (Of course, the WWN has told us for years that Martians have been abducting people, so maybe they're right! :))

It also doesn't explain why Mosasaurs, Ammonites, etc. died out.

Also, Dr. Who had an explanation for the destruction of the dinosaurs - the Cybermen tried to crash a very large spaceship into eath, but one of the doctor's companions (Adric) sacrificed himself in order to cause the crashing ship to go back in time over 65 million years, thereby killing off the dinosaurs. (See, it wasn't a meteor of asteroid or comet that hit the Yucatan, it was a very large spaceship! :-).

Allan Edels

* - For those who are unaware of it, the Weekly World News is a 'newspaper' that prints the wildest speculations about absolutely everything. From aliens endorsing George W. Bush and meeting with all of the US presidents since WWII, to Elvis is alive stories, to JFK is alive stories. They often have stories about dinosaurs, mammoths, the Loch Ness Monster (aka "Nessie") [and its baby!], and other cryptozoology.

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The end times of the K/T event would have been the perfect time to go
back in time, as big game hunters, and do your worst. Hey, they were all
going to die anyway! And with rocks coming out of the sky and Deccan
traps, think of the showcase!

(not really my philosophy, just wanted to toss that hand grenade in as a
sci-fi floater).

David Peters
St. Louis