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Re: Killer pterosaurs, scifi angle --- further adrift.....

I sse that Tim is a student of The Doctor.

The epsode takes place in the 26th century. At that time, the Cybermen attempt to destroy earth by killing a bunch of world leaders meeting at a peace conference, along with whoever else they can by smashing a space freighter containing massive bombs into the earth. The Cybermen lock the controls with one of their own gizmos. Adric manages to crack part of the Cyber controls which sends the ship backward in time by 65 million years. While Adric attempts to crack the last control, a damaged Cyberman destroys the ships controls and dooms Adric as the ship slams into Earth.

(I don't know, when I jam my cruise control, I don't travel into the past :-).

Perhaps, since Adric was from n-space, his biology was sufficiently different, that when he was vaporized in the explosion and crash, the resulting dust was contaminated with his alien dna, which caused illness - killing the remaining non-avian dinosaurs. (See - I brought it back to dinosaurs).


Allan Edels

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Christian Darkin wrote:

perhaps Adric had a cold? - or maybe it was cyber-flu

Or Alzarian flu?

Allan Edels wrote:

Also, Dr. Who had an explanation for the destruction of the dinosaurs - the Cybermen tried to crash a very large spaceship into eath, but one of the doctor's companions (Adric) sacrificed himself in order to cause the crashing ship to go back in time over 65 million years, thereby killing off the dinosaurs. (See, it wasn't a meteor of asteroid or comet that hit the Yucatan, it was a very large spaceship! :-).

The first episode of this story ("Earthshock") also featured a dinosaur skeleton in an underground cavern. The story begins with a military expedition investigating the massacre of a team of paleontologists in the cavern!

Also, it was my recollection that Adric didn't actually cause the spaceship to go back in time; he was trying to steer the ship off course. The ship traveled back in time as an unintended consequence of the cybermen meddling with the ship's controls. I think.