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RE: Acrocanthosaurus

Try Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.com/

This came up:

Kenneth Carpenter, Ph.D. 
Curator of Lower Vertebrate Paleontology 
and Chief Preparator 
Department of Earth Sciences 
Denver Museum of Nature & Science 
2001 Colorado Blvd. 
Denver, CO 80205 USA

ph: 303-370-6392/ or 6403 
fx: 303-331-6492 

for PDFs of my reprints, info about the Cedar Mtn. Project, etc. see:
for fun, see also:


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> Subject: Acrocanthosaurus
> Can anyone direct me to a complete and comprehensive survay 
> of the Acrocanthosaurus tracking the herd of Sauropods? 
> (thought to be Pleurocoelus) Hours of googling have produced 
> readers digest style repetion but I am desperate for the 
> whole detailed account either in photo or detailed and exact 
> renderings. 
> Andrew Simpson
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