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Re: Sauropods Then and Now

In a message dated 7/14/2005 2:12:12 AM Alaskan Standard Time, 
mike@miketaylor.org.uk writes:

> I'm no longer laughing.<

>> Maybe you should be.  As I pointed out in my previous message, there are 
several good, strong and independent lines of evidence, both biomechanical and 
taphonomic, indicating that most sauropods were primarily terrestrial.  It 
makes no sense to overturn all that on the basis of one tenuous paleoecological 
hypothesis based on the result of a widely disputed study. <<

Oh no... Misunderstanding. I'm no longer laughing because I never would have 
dreamed that there could have been such a strong resurgence of the idea.

I'm sitting here wondering where the 1950's spacships dropped the pods....