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Re: Nemegtia and Oviraptorid Phylogeny (Part 1)

jay nair wrote-

2) Osmolska et al (The Dinosauria II) mention an
unnamed oviraptorid  ''the Zamyn Khondt oviraptorine''
Pp 182, skull figure E on page 168. They say that this
is a probable sister taxon of Citipati, possibly a new
species. Also see their cladogram (pp 180).
''The Zamyn Khondt oviraptorine'' is unlikely to be
the same as Nemegtia. (different skull recon, locality
and stratigraphic data, i.e., i mean that Lu et al
were not referring to ''The Zamyn Khondt

but....... 3) The figure of ''The Zamyn Khondt
oviraptorine'' is nearly identical to thier second
figure of Oviraptor philoceratops (Lu et al Pp 111,
figure H (GIN100142). Are these the same?? I'm
confused, because GIN100142 looks nowhere like the
type skull of Oviraptor philoceratops (figure D of Lu
et al). Contrary to Lu et al, it appears closer to
Citipati and Nemegtia as Osmolska et al suggest, also
as Clark et al have suggested.

The Zamyn Khondt oviraptorine is indeed GIN 100/42. Though given the results of Lu et al.'s paper, I should probably separate GIN 100/42 from Citipati osmolskae in my analysis.

Mickey Mortimer