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Hydrogen fusion killed the dinosaurs?

I found the following critique of a dinosaur extinction theory in the
archives of the Toronto Star (issue dated March 10, 1986). I wondered if
anyone had heard of this theory and knew any more about it or the person
mentioned in the article who came up with it?

My thanks,


[The following article was written by Jack Miller, former Science
correspondent of the Toronto Star]
“How many times, in science fiction movies and comics, have we seen the
super-smart aliens from other worlds looking like giant lizards?

To hear Aldo Aulicino, you’d think this was not so far-fetched. He believes
we had them here first – as long as 65 million years ago.

Aulicino, a Canadian-born, self-taught researcher, has produced a brand new
theory, after what he says has been seven years of probing, to explain why
all our dinosaurs disappeared back then.

He thinks some species of them were mammals, rather than reptiles, and that
they developed great brains and great science. But then, he believes, they
over-reached and outsmarted themselves.

These smart lizards, Aulicino concludes, were working 65 million years ago
at taming hydrogen fusion – the kind of reaction that makes hydrogen bombs
go off and that keeps the sun burning. But they goofed and blew themselves
up. The bang was big enough to make a cloud of dust that shut out sunlight
long enough to freeze all kinds of life forms.

But a few of these smart dinosaurs, he figures, fled to the ocean, which
would hold its heat longer than the land, and they jumped in. And, in his
view of history, they adapted to life in the water and not only survived,
but became the ancestors of today’s whales and dolphins, which are also
mammals and still have to come up regularly to breathe air, as do land

I have found no dinosaur expert who thinks much of this idea, or who
believes any of the dinosaurs were mammals. But then, no-one else has more
than a theory to explain what happened to wipe them all out back then,

Meanwhile, we’re working now to tame hydrogen fusion. But not to worry. We
can handle it because we’re smarter than any lizards ever could have been.

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