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Re: Dinosaurs Breathed Like Birds

On 7/15/05, Tyler Kerr <tylerkerr@comcast.net> wrote:
>     That's really interesting. I just finished reading Raptor Red by Dr.
> Robert "Jurassic Bob" Bakker, and he suggests the theory that dinosaurs
> breathed like birds at least as early as '95. I say it's interesting because
> his other "radical" ideas proved to hold water, such as the idea that
> dinosaurs were complex social creatures (which has pretty much become the
> norm). Bakker is, in my humble opinion, a legend.

Much of the book holds up pretty well. It's worth noting, though, that
some of his heresies do remain heresies:

- Viviparous sauropods: pretty much disproven by sauropod eggs,
including the spectacular Auca Mahuevo titanosaurs
- K/T Extinction caused by lowered sea levels + plague: not widely held
- Dinosauria should be a Class: he had a point, but a better one is
that the term "Class" is meaningless; the increased adoption of
phylogenetic taxonomy has rendered this discussion moot
- Phytodinosauria: most workers consider this paraphyletic; his
ornithischian classification is a bit strange, too, but ornithischian
phylogeny has not been as well-studied as, say, theropod phylogeny, so
who knows?

Of course, these account for only two or three chapters out of 22.
Even if I missed a couple, that's still quite good.

--Mike Keesey