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Re: Hydrogen fusion killed the dinosaurs?

Hi Michael,

<<I wondered if anyone had heard of this theory and knew any more about it
or the person mentioned in the article who came up with it?>>

Good grief!

"I have found no dinosaur expert who thinks much of this idea, or who
believes any of the dinosaurs were mammals."

There isn't quite as many as one mammal expert who believes this either, as
far as I'm aware.  This 'theory' has about as much supporting evidence as
extinction by alien big game hunters.  Mammals are synapsids, and synapsids
as a distinct line of amniote vertebrates have a history going back into the
Upper Carboniferous.  If Morganucodon is allowed as a mammal, then mammals
are known from the Upper Triassic; a slight 150 million years prior to the
K-T die-in.  Extinction by alien big game hunters, on the other hand, is
harder to rule out.

Mesozoic Eucynodonts
The Mesozoic - more than just the dinosaur