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Re: Dinosaurs Breathed Like Birds

Sorry I've stayed silent so far since I arrived in Paris. Everything works
with this peculiar Internet connection, even uploading web pages, but not
sending e-mails via SMTP ( = from Outlook Express). The provider doesn't
answer. I'll meet the institute's chief informaticians today, so perhaps

This one merits a quick answer, however:

> <Oh, come now.  How can you make such an assertion in a world that
> includes _Futalognkosaurus_?>

I'm sure this is a typo. I've seen the spelling *Futalongkosaurus*.

>   They are filing an _amicus brief_ in the "World Court"

Have you perhaps confused the International Criminal Court with the European
Court on Human Rights? ~:-|

> along with the Exhrinatosauri and Brachytrachelopani

*Exicrinatosaurus* retains 7 syllables but otherwise becomes a lot easier
when spelled (IIRC) correctly... What's so difficult about
*Brachytrachelopan*? Can't you decide how to pronounce the ch? :o)

(BTW, "Exhrinatosaurus" would be fairly easy if we'd pronounce the xh the
Albanian way, namely like English j. ;-) )

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