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Re: Yale's New Torosaurus sucks

Dear Dan and List,

    What a piece of dino dung! Once again, the powers that be hire a non
specialist to render a paleontological sculpture. The anatomy is horrid, and
on top of that the frill is based on the old 19th century Plaster and
triceratops bits, with a few torosaur bones thrown in. We now have complete
Torosaur skulls, and they are pretty different from the original Peabody
patch jobs.
    Some committee Recently hired a local artist here in Price to render a
full scale bronze of a Utahraptor, to go in front of the museum. They used
public funds, and didn't solicit bids. I am positive that I or at least
someone like Gary Staab or the Czerkases, at least, would have won the
commission, not only with a better asking price, but with an astronomically
better sculpture. This local geezer isn't a bad artist, but he is painfully
unqualified to do paleotological work.
    Over time, I have had many run ins with people thinking that doing paleo
art is the equevelant of rolling snakes out of playdough. They just can't
grasp the years of disiplined anatomical training it takes to make a living
at this.
    Thankfully, I have steady work coming in from institutions that
understand and recognize the difference in the quality of a specialist vs a
general contractor. Unfortunately, I also know of at least a few very
talented paleo artists who have had to move on to other occupations because
they couldn't find work in this field.

Ceratopsians had cheeks Cliff

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Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2005 2:48 PM
Subject: Yale's New Torosaurus

> Here's a site with many  photos of The Peabody's new sculpture of
> by Micheal Anderson. This  should generate some discussion. Torosaurus
> cheeks.  DV
> http://www.peabody.yale.edu/explore/torosaurus.html