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Re: Dinosaurs Breathed Like Birds

> > I'm sure this is a typo. I've seen the spelling *Futalongkosaurus*.
> Is this a valid name yet?

No idea, but given the fact that I can't remember having been notified of a
description... :-)

> I'm not too fond of _Bambiraptor_ though.

I find it lovely. :-)

> > (BTW, "Exhrinatosaurus" would be fairly easy if we'd pronounce the xh
> > the Albanian way, namely like English j. ;-) )
> Is that the same as the Hungarian/Magyar 'gy' (e.g., Magyar, Nagy)?

No, the latter is a globally rarer sound, and difficult to explain. Try
saying "d" with the tongue in the "y" position ("y" as in "yes, you"). It's
sort of how like Spanish ñ is a kind of n + y fusion, except that Hungarian
gy and ny are even closer fusions. Very common in Russian, in case that
helps you... :-/

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