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grant for Antonio

All funds for "Antonio" have cleared the bank. I have cut the check to the "National Foundation for the Geosciences" (www.geofound.com). Wallace Ulrich (president of NFG) knows about the check and has been instructed where, when and how to transfer the funds as soon as the check clears his bank. I will mail the letter to Wally in tomorrows (Monday) mail. (Timing is still at the mercy of the US Mail and Banking system) Done deal from my end. The total check issued by me is $875.00 US with the amount of the bank transfer being deducted from that amount. With the amount that Fabio received though Paypal, his total receipts for the study should be around $1100 dollars US. A job well done by the members of the DML.

Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming