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Re: Dinosaurs Breathed Like Birds

On 16/7/05 8:34 pm, "Andrew Simpson" <deathspresso@yahoo.com> wrote:

> No matter how many times we were
> told about how dumb the Stegosaurus was because of its
> walnut brain did we every start really thinking it was
> a the chowder head of the Jurassic?

On the contrary, Hilaire Belloc explained to us at length about the vast
intellect of the Stegosaurus, blessed as it was with _two_ brains, the one
in its head and the enlarged ganglion near its hips. When faced with a
problem, the Stegosaurus soon 'made both head and tail of it'. It also had a
marvelous memory - 'if a thought should somehow slip its mind, 'twas soon
caught by the one behind'.


        Christopher Taylor

PS. Someone else will have to help with the full text - I don't have it to
hand, and a Google search failed to bring anything to light.