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Re: Dinosaurs Breathed Like Birds

> PS. Someone else will have to help with the full text - I don't have it
> to hand, and a Google search failed to bring anything to light.

It's in the book by Weishampel & Fastovsky, "The Evolution and Extinction of
the Dinosaurs". Unfortunately my copy is in Vienna and I'm in Paris...

The whole poem is rather long. Random verses that I remember (in no
particular order):
"So wise was he, so wise and solemn,
Each thought filled just a spinal column."
"If something slipped his forward mind,
'Twas rescued by the one behind."
"No problem bothered him a bit
He made both head and tail of it."
"If one brain found the pressure strong
It just passed some ideas along" (or something)

The best lines are the beginning and the end:

"Behold the mighty dinosaur,"

"Oh, gaze upon this model beast
Defunct ten million years at least."

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