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Re: Dinosaurs Breathed Like Birds

> > > - Viviparous sauropods: pretty much disproven by
> > > sauropod eggs,
> > > including the spectacular Auca Mahuevo titanosaurs

I took some photos of the site. Amazing, every hill in the horizon showing
the contact between two units (the red claystones of the Anacleto Fm.,
including 4 grey levels with eggs, and the greenish ?claystones of the
overlying Allen Fm), 25 km with nests everywhere. Due to erosion, the
"nests" are in fact circles filled with eggshell fragments (the famous eggs
with embryos come from non exposed levels). The skulls of the embryos are so
well preserved that some young Argentinean paleontologists are studying the
inner ear, while others interpreted a prominence in the premaxilla of some
skulls as "egg teeth".
If anyone is interested in the photos feel free to contact me.

Matías Soto