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RE: John Ostrom


I just managed to read my all email for Saturday and Sunday.  I'm
saddened by the loss of this great man and highly influential

I just grabbed a stack of photos from DinoFest (1998 - in Philadelphia,
PA).  A friend of mine had taken numerous shots of DinoFest (show and
symposium) and the DinoFeast (at ANSP).  There are 3 pictures of John
Ostrom in the pack.  In one, he and I seem to looking over each other's
shoulders, at some flying objects.  (I.e. we aren't looking at each
other).  In another shot, he is talking with a 17 year old girl (whose
parents supported their child's wish to meet up with dinosaur
paleontologists, and took her to the DinoFest and the DinoFeast).  She
was thrilled to meet Dr. Ostrom, who took it upon himself to organize a
tour of ANSP and its then new dinosaur exhibit, and the newly added
second floor of Dinosaur Hall, and the paleo labs.  (Dr. Peter Dodson,
and Ted Daeschler were recruited to help lead the quick tour - which
lasted over an hour).

I, too, was thrilled to meet him, and I spoke with him about the
_Deinonychus_ and _Tenontosaurus_ apparent relationship at length.  I
talked with him at the DinoFeast and at least once during the symposium.

My friend who took the pictures was also a big fan of Dr. Ostrom, and
she had taken a photo of the _Deinonychus_ pair statue in front of ANSP,
and blew it up and framed it (12" x 10", IIRC).  She asked me to
introduce her to Dr. Ostrom and she gave him the framed photo.  HE was
surprised, and quite pleased to receive it. He was open to all - very
approachable, and down to earth, for someone we all considered a true
giant in the field.  (By the way, I need to contact my friend, as I'm
sure she hasn't heard yet).

The 3rd shot of Dr. Ostrom shows him smiling and laughing with a
paleontologist that I can't quite remember, yet I should....

This is a man who has left a large legacy, and yet his passing leaves a
large hole as well.

Allan Edels

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I'm saddened to report that early this morning (16 July 2005), Professor
John Ostrom passed away from the complications of Alzheimer Disease.

A loss of a wonderful friend, a fine mind, and a great scholar.

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