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Re: Dinosaurs Breathed Like Birds

Denver Fowler wrote:

Agreed, we should stick to names like the awe-inspiring Allosaurus. Wow, what imagination!

Awe-inspiring or not, the name has a nice ring to it.

You know, with the discovery of larger theropods, even 'tyrant lizard king' has lost its gloss. Really, so long as a name is memorable, and pronouncable, does it matter if becomes a bit innaccurate?

Of course not. That's not what I was saying at all. I was merely arguing against the compulsory use of descriptive names for naming dinosaurs, as another DMLer was arguing for it. As Jaime put it, "Using emotive descriptive labels for behaviors we can't observe has been almost as argued over as using silly names like *Ninjemys* (ninja turtle)."

I think it adds to the charm of a species if there's a little story behind its name.

So do I. But this is a different issue. My point was that it can lead to confusion when a taxon has a name that no longer befits its inferred lifestyle or morphology.