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Re: Dinosaurs Breathed Like Birds - joke...

Andrew Simpson <deathspresso@yahoo.com> wrote:
in an unrelated matter...

I would like to announce the discovery of an entirely
new species and genus of dinosaur I have recently
found and unearthed. A creature so unique it will
expand and alter our views on dinosauria for all that
is time. Feeling pretty darn good about myself I have
decided to name it
AndrewSimpsonLordandMasteroftheUniverse-Ruler of all
he Survays-Kingofpaleontologicalstudyosaurustopsodon

Gee, Andrew, doesn't it fly? or have wing fingers? Or feathers? Or a horn-face? Or a cenemial crest?

And isn't "Masters of the Universe" SOOOO last century - and lame to boot?


Allan Edels