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Re: Dinosaurs Breathed Like Birds

<<Cool! Although I was thinking giant bear-dog, or maybe wolverine... way my
teeth are getting, the molar thing is kind of ironic.>>

If Averianov is correct about the dentary fragment belonging elsewhere, then
even 'teeth' would probably be an overstatement.  The molar thing seems to
be literal.  I don't have any size info, (and would be a bit reluctant to
attempt scaling up from one molar anyway)...  'Giant' is of course relative.
An approaching Donodon, snarling with squeaky viciousness, may well have
left many not overly large beetles wetting their pants.

Besides, if you want really vicious natural born killers, even wolverines
are overrated.  For blood-chilling ferocity and courage in the face of
overwhelming odds, nothing can out-do a rampaging shrew.  Even Hollywood
wouldn't try to get away with Rambo biting his way into the contents of an
armoured personnel carrier, but shrews do that to beetles on a daily basis.
Perhaps Donodon had similar tastes and working methods.