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Re: Dinosaurs Breathed Like Birds

2005/7/18, Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com>:
> Naming the dinosaur in their honor was part of the 
> negotiations.  That's also the spirit behind the species
> name _constructus_, I believe.

Well it's dysphonic anyway. (But we could established a more
constructive contest: "the *best* dinosaur generic name coined ever".

> >Technosaurus (every time that I hear it I immediately think 
> >in Drumbassaurus, Acidjazzsaurus, Ravesaurus...)
> It's supposed to make you think of Texas Tech University.  :-)

I know (so is _Emausaurus_, to Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University, and others).

> Actually, ICZN rules frown on naming a species after oneself.

Well, a group of scientists could bandy beaux gestes: a scientist A
homage a scientist B and vice-versa.


Roberto Takata