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Kong Dinos @ San Diego Comicon

I went to Comic-Con 2005 in San Diego this past weekend, where there was a "King Kong" panel discussion which showed footage--some of it still sans fx--from the film. I, of course, did not attend this discussion. Why? Because I'm a big idiot. And I was trying to get in as much of walking around the convention floor as I could. I am filled with deep regret. But I HEARD that...

...Kong fights THREE Tyrannosaur-type dinosaurs. So that's exciting, yes?

I did see, at the WETA Workshop booth, a large number of Kong collectibles on display. I doubt they will be ready for purchase until after the movie is out. They were really beautiful. And looking at them closely explained a lot about the movie that was puzzling me.

First, the lead dino antagonist is called a "V-Rex". What the V stands for I don't know. Anybody? "Viceroy"? "Victoriana"? "Victory Over Terrorism"? The bust of the V-Rex was gorgeous. Many of the teeth were broken and growing in at odd angles. The skin was scarred and patchy. It looked like it had been living in the jungle for decades. Wonderful.

Also among the other "dinos" represented was a multi-spiked ceratopsian which resembled a styracosaurus--or resembled it about as much as the Lord of the Rings "oliphants" resembled a modern elephants.

Peter Jackson is apparently using every bit of creative genius at WETA to create new, undiscovered species of dinosaurs for the film, but trying to give them more individual life and personal history as animals than we've seen before.

Neal Romanek http://www.nealromanek.com