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Re: Kong Dinos @ San Diego Comicon

On Mon, 18 Jul 2005, Neal Romanek wrote:
> I went to Comic-Con 2005 in San Diego this past weekend, where there 
> was a "King Kong" panel discussion which showed footage--some of it 
> still sans fx--from the film. I, of course, did not attend this 
> discussion. Why? Because I'm a big idiot. And I was trying to get in as 
> much of walking around the convention floor as I could. I am filled 
> with deep regret. But I HEARD that...
> ...Kong fights THREE Tyrannosaur-type dinosaurs. So that's exciting, 
> yes?

See report at



 He said the Rex fight was about 7 minutes long in the movie and we were
 getting the final 3 minutes. 
> I did see, at the WETA Workshop booth, a large number of Kong 
> collectibles on display. I doubt they will be ready for purchase until 
> after the movie is out. They were really beautiful. And looking at them 
> closely explained a lot about the movie that was puzzling me.
> First, the lead dino antagonist is called a "V-Rex". What the V stands 
> for I don't know. Anybody? "Viceroy"? "Victoriana"? "Victory Over 
> Terrorism"? The bust of the V-Rex was gorgeous. Many of the teeth were 
> broken and growing in at odd angles. The skin was scarred and patchy. 
> It looked like it had been living in the jungle for decades. Wonderful.
> Also among the other "dinos" represented was a multi-spiked ceratopsian 
> which resembled a styracosaurus--or resembled it about as much as the 
> Lord of the Rings "oliphants" resembled a modern elephants.
> Peter Jackson is apparently using every bit of creative genius at WETA 
> to create new, undiscovered species of dinosaurs for the film, but 
> trying to give them more individual life and personal history as 
> animals than we've seen before.
> Neal Romanek
> http://www.nealromanek.com