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Re: New Ediacaran quilted organism? (OT)

--- Christopher Taylor <ck.taylor@auckland.ac.nz> wrote:

> It's those 'open distal ends' that are bothering me. The 'quilts' are
> filled
> with exactly the same sediment as the surrounding matrix, 
    They bother me from the description too.
    One would expect from the description, but the authors do have some
grounds to say that this is not a predation effect? The nice,
nibble-worthy bits have been cropped off, which is why the organism is
now lying dead on the seafloor. ... There would be signs of the
sediment mobilising into the inner (proximal) parts of the "tubes", and
some of the tubes would have been collapsed before being filled with

> and the
> authors
> interpret them to be hollow, with just the 'struts' comprising the
> actual
> organism. To be honest, the figures look a heck of a lot like
> inorganic
> structures to me, 
    Mineralised boudinage, of some sort?
> but the authors argue against it on the basis of
> their not
> overlapping, and adjacent branches not encroaching on one another.
> Any thoughts?
BTW, CK, you've got your "Reply-To:" flag set, which means much
fiddling about to get this mail sent to the list, not to you only.

Aidan Karley,

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