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Re: Chinese fossil finds

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From: "Roberto Takata" <rmtakata@gmail.com>
To: <mrstevo@hotmail.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2005 10:51 PM
Subject: Re: Chinese fossil finds

> Probably if we could establish a joint venture studies here in Brazil,
> we could came up with wonderful discoveries too.
> In the south there is the Santa Maria Formation which could shed light
> on the origin and early radiation of dinosaurian lineages:
> Saurischia/Ornithischia split; Theropoda/Sauropodomorpha split and so
> on. (Well, Bonaparte, Salgado, Coria, and others are doing a great
> work in Argentina anyway.) I'll be suspicious about Chinese
> discoveries only if those question was illuminated there. (Well, okay,
> there was the /Archaeoraptor/ fake... but others fossils seems to be
> real. All in all, every palaeontological branch must have its own
> "Piltdown case".)
> In the Araripe there is a great potencial Cretaceous pterosaurs
> diversity to be found.
> In the midway there are some Jurassic deposits scattered. I guess that
> a very different dinosaurian fauna remains to be discovered here:
> abelisaurid and charcharodontosaurid diversity, titanosaurid diversity
> and evolution.
> Too many works to do, so few researchers (and fundings too - Brazil is
> not much famous by investment in science, let alone palaeontology).
> []s,
> Roberto Takata
> 2005/7/20, Steve Kary <mrstevo@hotmail.com>:
> > Is it just me or do the Chinese/Mongolian fossil deposits
> > seem to come up with fossils of stunning quality that answer
> > very specific questions (ie. Dinosaur sleeping position) more
> > or less a few years after the question is asked? Also, they
> > seem to be getting a chunk of every great fossil find, be
> > it dinosaurs, Chengjiang or otherwise. Why is this?
> >
> > I just find alot of the stuff coming out of those places
> > (especially China) to be highly coincidental and very well
> > timed...Are their deposits REALLY that good/lucky or are
> > they sitting on discoveries for years until the proper moment
> > to unveil it with stunning effects to the world? Perhaps a
> > Chinese fossil conspiracy involving millions of workers lives
> > and fake fossils (just kiddin').

While I can not comment on any of Steve's questions, my guess would be that
the rocks _all over_ the world are still packed with shiploads of wonderfull
discoveries. These will greatly enhance our knowledge concerning the past
but also the present (in terms of the knowledge about the past laying the
foundations for understanding the mechanisms at work in our present
biosphere). It is a sad fact that governments around the world usually
miserably fail to understand the importance of science in general for our
survival as a species and usually fund well only those fields that either
provide prestige usable in elections-campaigns or show a disturbing tendency
to produce results wich explode with a huge "BOOM".
Torsten van der Lubbe