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Re: Chinese fossil finds

<<In the south there is the Santa Maria Formation which could shed light on
the origin and early radiation of dinosaurian lineages:
Saurischia/Ornithischia split; Theropoda/Sauropodomorpha split and so on.>>

And there's the little matter of mammalian origins.  Unfortunately, all I've
seen are abstracts, but new material has been found for Brasilodon and
Brasilitherium, which are held to be extremely mammal-like insectivores.  A
new family was established for them this year: Bonaparte JF, Matinelli AG &
Schultz CL, 2005, New information on Brasilodon and Brasilitherium
(Cynodontia, Probainognathia) from the Late Triassic of southern Brazil,
Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia, 8(1), p.25-46.

To avoid any mis-readings, the genera were both established in 2003.

Mesozoic Eucynodonts
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