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Re: American Iguanodons stay away from me

Cliff Green wrote:

(Thanks to Thomas for the translation).

    What kind of record do we have of North American Iguanodons? I know we
have some in the Cedar Mountain Formation, but have any of them been
discribed, and more importantly, have any of them been discovered with a
goodly portion of skull material? I have a non finished iguanodon sculpture
laying around, that needs something more than looking like Aladar from
Disneys " Dinosaur ".

Early Cretaceous iguanodont(o)ids from North America...

What I can say is that good skull material is known for _Iguanodon lakotaensis_, which comes from the Lakota Formation of South Dakota. Norman (1998) claimed that _I. lakotaensis_ is indistinguishable from the European species (now type species) _I.bernissartensis_, thereby making it a junior synonym. I think _Camptosaurus depressus_ may also hail from the Lakota Formation, but I don't know much about this species. Nor do I know the current status of Bakker's "Garden of the Gods" iguanodontid.

_Planicoxa venenica_, described by DiCroce and Carpenter (2001), is an iguanodontoid from the Cedar Mountain Formation of Utah; but no skull material is known for this guy. _Iguanodon ottingeri_ comes from the same formation, but it's known only from teeth, and is considered a nomen dubium. I've heard that there is at least one other iguanodontid from this formation, so far undescribed.




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