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Re: Chinese fossil finds

Wow! What would we say about _Pakicetus_ - a beautiful instance of the
earth/water transition in the whale evolution - it was not from China.

And the Ghost Ranch _ Coelophysis_ canibalism?

Or the Italian _ Scipionyx_ with it gut content?

Or the US (South Dakota) dinosaur 4-chambered heart?

_Archaeopteryx_  is from Germany.

(Where was that ichthyosaur giving birth to a baby from?)

As Dr. Holtz said, China is territorially vast, and it's is a open
area: a huge area covered by desert. Maybe some day we could find
something as spetacular as _Velociraptor_/_Protoceratops_ fighting in
the Bauru Group in Brazil.


Roberto Takata

2005/7/20, Steve Kary <mrstevo@hotmail.com>:
> I was referring to the thing like the Psittacosaurus and 
> babies, the sleeping Mai long...even the 
> Velociraptor/Protoceratops "fighting".