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Re: Ostrom Obituary in the New York Times

The Deinonychus display was at the Yale-Peabody at the time of the Ostrom Symposium in February of 1999. A number of DMLers attended and reported their observations on our list--see the archives at:
--February 16-23 or so.

I have some nice pictures of John Ostrom with Tom Holtz, and I believe I have pictures of Tom, me and John, as well as others. I'm glad I attended.

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As you know, the photo was taken in front of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia (ANSP). At that time, ANSP was the only place that had a _Deinonychus_ sculpture on display, and the only place with a permanent mount of the skeleton(s). [At the DinoFest (1998) in Phila., they had 3 (or was it 5) _Deinonychus_ skeletons on display]. I believe the Peabody exhibit was created in 2000 or 2001. 
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Very nice by John Wilford Noble. Excellent photo. Hope this url works