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The Carnivorous Dinosaurs

The Carnivorous Dinosaurs

Edited by Kenneth Carpenter
(Indiana University Press, 2005).

Here are the table of contents, page numbers (which
are not included on the Indiana Uni Press website),
and some comments on these papers.
Feel free to add any comments on these papers.


spolier space :)

spolier space: (probably not needed for most of you
who, no doubt, already have the book)

pp i-xv    Contributors, Acknowledgments, &

I. Theropods Old and New
3-22   Tibiae of Small Theropod Dinosaurs from
Southern England: From the Middle Jurassic of
Stonesfield near Oxford and the Lower Cretaceous of
the Isle of Wight by Peter M. Galton and Ralph E.

23-48   New Small Theropod from the Upper Jurassic
Morrison Formation of Wyoming by Kenneth Carpenter,
Clifford Miles, and Karen Cloward
Tanycolagreus topsilsoni n gen et sp. Taxon and paper
have been discussed previously on the DML. Freely
available from Carpenters home page

49-71    Redescription of the Small Maniraptoran
Theropods Ornitholestes and Coelurus from the Upper
Jurassic Morrison Formation of Wyoming by Kenneth
Carpenter, Clifford Miles, John H. Ostrom, and Karen
Also availible @
Interesting comparative skeletal recenstructions are

72- 86   The Enigmatic Theropod Dinosaur Erectopus
superbus (Sauvage 1882) from the Lower Albian of
Louppy-le-Ch?teau (Meuse, France) by Ronan Allain.
Allain notes that the name E. sauvagei is invalid.
Erectopus is assigned to Allosauroidea

87- 96   Holotype Braincase of Nothronychus mckinleyi
Kirkland and Wolfe 2001 (Theropoda; Therizinosauridae)
from the Upper Cretaceous (Turonian) of West-Central
New Mexico by James I. Kirkland, David K. Smith, and
Douglas G. Wolfe

97- 126   Anatomy of Harpymimus okladnikovi Barsbold
and Perle 1984 (Dinosauria; Theropoda) of Mongolia by
Yoshitsugu Kobayashi and Rinchen Barsbold
Finally, detailed osteological information of
Harpymimus is made available. Like most other authors,
Kobayashi & Barsbold resolve Harpymimus okladnikovi as
more derived than Pelecanimimus but basal to other
ornithomimosaurs. No surprises there. They also
elaborate on manus flexibilty.

127-152     Theropod Teeth from the Upper Cretaceous
(Campanian-Maastrichtian), Big Bend National Park,
Texas by Julia T. Sankey, Barbara R. Standhardt, and
Judith A. Schiebout

153-160    Last Patagonian Non-Avian Theropods by
Rodolfo A. Coria and Leonardo Salgado

II. Theropod Working Parts
163-178    Enamel Microstructure Variation within the
Theropoda by Kathy Stokosa

179-237    Bite Me: Biomechanical Models of Theropod
Mandibles and Implications for Feeding Behavior by
FranÁois Therrien, Donald M. Henderson, and
Christopher B. Ruff
The longest paper of this volume. Notably longer than
papers in the sauropodomorph volume as well. 
Systematically, Therrien et al discuss the manibular
force profiles and then give their interpretation for
5 groups : Varanids, Ceratosauria+Dilophosaurus,
Allosauroidea, Dromaeosauridae, Tyrannosauroidea.
Ontogenetic changes in feeding behaviour is also

238-246    Body and Tail Posture in Theropod Dinosaurs
by Gregory S. Paul

247-255   Furcula of Tyrannosaurus rex by Peter Larson
and J. Keith Rigby Jr.
No volume on theropods would be complete without at
least one paper on rex.

256-273    The Pectoral Girdle and the Forelimb of
Heyuannia (Dinosauria: Oviraptorosauria) by Junchang
L¸, Dong Huang, and Licheng Qiu
not sure why this paper is included here. Isn't it
supposed to be a volume on ''carnivorous dinosaurs''

III. Theropods as Living Animals
277-283    Sexual Dimorphism in the Early Jurassic
Theropod Dinosaur Dilophosaurus and a Comparison with
Other Related Forms by Robert Gay

284-285   Sexual Selection and Sexual Dimorphism in
Theropods by Ralph E. Molnar
has some good comparative drawings showing classes of
cranial ornament. T. rex sexual dimorphism is also

313-324   An Unusual Multi-Individual Tyrannosaurid
Bonebed in the Two Medicine Formation (Late
Cretaceous, Campanian) of Montana (USA) by Philip J.
Currie, David Trexler, Eva B. Koppelhus, Kelly Wicks,
and Nate Murphy

325-350   Evidence for Predator-Prey Relationships:
Examples for Allosaurus and Stegosaurus by Kenneth
Carpenter, Frank Sanders, Lorrie A. McWhinney, and
Lowell Wood
Another paper which can be found @

351-365  Theropod Paleopathology: State-of-the-Art
Review by Bruce Rothschild and Darren H. Tanke

367-371  Index

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