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Thagomizer Attack!!! (was RE: The Carnivorous Dinosaurs)

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> Subject: The Carnivorous Dinosaurs
> The Carnivorous Dinosaurs
> Edited by Kenneth Carpenter
> (Indiana University Press, 2005).
> 325-350   Evidence for Predator-Prey Relationships:
> Examples for Allosaurus and Stegosaurus by Kenneth
> Carpenter, Frank Sanders, Lorrie A. McWhinney, and
> Lowell Wood
> Another paper which can be found @
> https://scientists.dmns.org/sites/kencarpenter/PDFs%20of%20publications/allo-stego.pdf

Sometimes the fossil record is kind, and gives you information to show that 
your classic images of dinosaurs are true...

Among the specimens discussed in this article is an Allosaurus caudal showing a 
rehealed puncture wound that conforms to a
Stegosaurus thagomizer spike. Additionally, there are spikes which have lost 
their tips and been rehealed, and a possibly bitten
Stegosaurus cervical plate.  Coolness.

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