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Re: DINOSAUR digest 3273

Hello all,

Most of the time I just lurk on this list, soaking in
more analytical information than my artistic mind can
handle, but I wanted to drop a quick note to hopefully
ward off any confusion between the two dinosaur books
published this month with Thunder Lizards in the
title.  I doubt if my new book (Thunder Lizards!: How
to Draw Fantastic Dinosaurs) will be confused with
The Sauropodomorph Dinosaurs.  I designed my book
specifically for artists so except for inferences on
movement and internal anatomical reconstructions
(mainly by Gregory S. Paul and Scott Hartman) I?ve
limited my descriptions to general shapes, sizes, and
exterior appearances which would be helpful for anyone
wanting to draw, paint, or build dinosaurs in a
computer 3-D modeling program.  I don?t think it will
ever be confused for a hard-core science book, but it
would be the perfect thing to wet the appetite of a
young aspiring paleontologist or of course anyone
wanting to learn to draw dinosaurs better.  I?m
extremely grateful to the members of this list and I
mention this in the acknowledgements.  Anyone wanting
to learn more can pop by my website at

-Steve Miller

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