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Re: Ichthyosaurus fossilised in mid-birth ??

--- Phil Bigelow <bigelowp@juno.com> wrote:

> This would be a good old-fashioned sediment engineering study, the
> way
> your grandpa used to do it***.  It could be a major contribution, all
> done by an enterprising student.
> ***Walking 16 miles to school in the snow every morning, with no
> shoes,
> and with only a slide rule and a stale crust of bread for
> companionship
> at night.

    Uphill there and back. You always forget that vital aspect.

    'Eeeh, when Ah were a lad, Ah used ter DREAM of walking 16 miles to
school, uphill and barefoot in t'snow ...

    Distressing to say, the gally rose to the depths of spam in batter,
chips and beans tonight. I asked for my hornéd helmet and started
singing to the cook, but he didn't look very appreciative.

Aidan Karley,

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