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Re: Ichthyosaurus fossilised in mid-birth ??

--- don ohmes <d_ohmes@yahoo.com> wrote:

> What about an earthquake? 
    I let that possibility drift through my mind while considering
> A seismic event might
> collapse many dunes suddenly, making fossilization of
> all the local 'lee scarp' animals more probable than
> an single fortuitous dune collapse during a flood.
> Seismicity also resolves the behavioral questions
> raised previously...
    It's certainly not impossible (reference - stock photo of IIRC
Japanese medium-rise housing blocks tilted like my attempts at fence
post driving consequent on soil liquefaction in an earthquake), but
it's not a line of thought that's particularly conducive to being
falsified. The quicksand/ floodplain/ allivial fan hypotheses I posed
(same time as Phil B was writing similar things) would leave a host of
other sedimentological, stratigraphical and palaeogeographic evidence,
and so be relatively easy to disprove ; an earthquake on the other hand
may be from a now-unmoving fault, which has not been mapped in this
sparsely-mapped terrain, and just how accurate are your
palaeo-magnitude estimates anyway? Too many hand waves for my liking.
    <JOKE> Besides, everyone on sci.geo.earthquakes knows that birds
(and by extension, the rest of the dinosaurs) can predict earthquakes
long in advance and far away, which is why they don't get killed in

Aidan Karley,

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