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RE: Quicksand

At 03:46 PM 7/24/2005, you wrote:
Sorry, but the Tarzan quicksand actually is a mixture of shredded cork
in a small pond (watch closely next time). True quicksand requires water to be pushing upwards at a small spot (called dewatering) in order to keep the sand grains buoyant. There is no such thing as dry "quicksand" either because the sand grains are too heavy to be buoyed by air. Movies are full of hokey things (which is why you should never go to the movies with me as I will point them out). It does not mean it is true.

And no "Whatever took Romeo and Juliette down had to have been pretty much instant." Read my pdf describing the specimens:

A Discovery Channel show called Mythbusters covered quicksand. In all the experiments that they did, they discovered that with fine sand on top of a powerful spring, you will sink, but only until the point where you normally become buoyant in water. It will not suck you under. You only get screwed if the water is shut off when you are down to your chest and the water stops welling up. Then the sand settles and you are entombed.

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