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Avgodectes and Phobetor questions

I was wondering about wether Avgodectes should be corrected or not. Originally Peters specified the etymology as "egg biter." According to a later article, the word he used in the name, avgo (ÎÏÎÎ), specifies an egg without its shell. From what I see in the later article, Peters clearly did not intend for this meaning. The word Ãon (ÏÎÎ) is more correct. So, here is my first question: Should Avgodectes be renamed? It cannot be renamed to Oodectes because that is preoccupied, the name Ovimordax was, on the other hand, proposed as a valid replacement name.

Now, completely unrelated and probably more important, In several recent papers I've seen the name Phobetopter being used instead of Phobetor, is this the elusive supposed replacement name for Phobetor?
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