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Re: Avgodectes and Phobetor questions

On 25/7/05 1:29 pm, "Mike Hanson" <mhanson54@comcast.net> wrote:

> I was wondering about wether Avgodectes should be corrected or not.
> Originally Peters specified the etymology as "egg biter." According to a
> later article, the word he used in the name, avgo (·?ÁÔ), specifies an
> egg without its shell. From what I see in the later article, Peters
> clearly did not intend for this meaning. The word ôon (?ÔÓ) is more
> correct. So, here is my first question: Should Avgodectes be renamed? It
> cannot be renamed to Oodectes because that is preoccupied, the name
> Ovimordax was, on the other hand, proposed as a valid replacement name.
   According to the new edition of the ICZN, incorrect derivation does not
preclude a name from being valid. So even if the name doesn't mean exactly
what Dave intended, it still stands.


        Christopher Taylor