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RE: Growth-spurt

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> TooTs
> Hi, everyone!
> I remember mention of a "growth-spurt" in at least one of the articles about
> "Jane".
> Is the "growth-spurt" secure or more on the speculative side?
> Are such "growth-spurts" known in other theropods?
> Thanks in advance
> Torsten van der Lubbe
"Growth Spurts" seem to be found in all the dinosaur fossil growth series 
studied: the tyrannosaurids Tyrannosaurus, Daspletosaurus,
Gorgosaurus, and Albertosaurus; the alvarezsaurid Shuvuuia; the coelophysoid 
Synt... er, Megap..., er, Coelophysis (;-); the
prosauropod Massospondylus; the diplodocoid Apatosaurus; the ceratopsian 
Psittacosaurus; and the hadrosaurid Maiasaura. In fact,
MOST animals show some period of accelerated growth in their life cycle.

Erickson, G.M., K. Curry Rogers & S.A. Yerby. 2001. Dinosaurian growth patterns 
and rapid avian growth rates. Nature 412: 429-433.
Erickson, G.M., P.J. Makovicky, P.J. Currie, M.A. Norell, S.A. Yerby & C.A. 
Brochu. 2004. Gigantism and comparative life-history
parameters of tyrannosaurid dinosaurs. Nature 430:772-775.
for the details.

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