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Lenght of an "average" dinosaur? 6.7 m

Good day to all listmembers,
in the JP novel, Grant once stated something like "despite the majority of 
people imagine dinosaurs as a giants, an average dinosaur was about a size of a 
cow" (not exact quote). I was wondering, how much this is true. I've used 565 
valid dinosaur genera for the calculation (there were 6 more for which I failed 
to find a measurement)  and I finished with a total number of 3815 m for all 
valid dino genera standing one behind other in a row. This makes a 6.75 m (22 
ft 2 in) average lenght for non-neornithean mesozoic dinosaur genera. "Grant's" 
estimate would be close to the truth, as today's cows lack long dinosaurian 
tail. This number is a low-end however, as I always used lower lenght values 
for various dinosaur taxa. If measuring living animals, this number would 
probably exceed 8 meters (and if remains of *Amphicoelias fragillimus*, 
*Supersaurus vivianae* and other elusive giant sauropods were more complete...)
Any comment appreciated, Vlad

P.S. Happy Birthday to Mr. Norell  ;o)